Grasslands Back to School Plan - 2021-22

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Grasslands Back to School Plan - 2021-22

August 25, 2021


This plan is founded on the following four guiding principles that were established by the government in collaboration with education partners. 

• The safety of children, students and staff comes first. 

• Children and student learning will continue. 

• Provincial funding is still flowing to schools. 

• School authorities have flexibility to do what is best for their community. 

This plan balances the need for provincial direction and standardized approaches in some areas while also providing flexibility and respecting school authority autonomy at the local level. 

The Government of Alberta’s 2021-2022 School Year Plan is based upon the recovery phase reflecting a corresponding shift from mandatory health measures to recommended health best practices. Their plan is focused on a normal return to school, with in-class learning for the majority of students.

Although some health and safety protocols are no longer required by the Government of Alberta, Grasslands School Division will continue to implement additional measures and protocols. The health and safety of students and staff remains our top priority. This plan outlines key elements for the resumption of learning. Portions of this plan may need to be modified in accordance with provincial directives and timelines, and/or by Board directive. 

On or before September 27, 2021 the Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) will update provincial health and safety protocols. 

Health and Safety Management

Joint Worksite Health and Safety

The Joint Work Site Health and Safety Committee is a group of worker and employer representatives, working together with shared responsibility to identify and solve safety concerns at the work site. Committee members work together to actively improve conditions in the workplace and promote safe work practices. Health and Safety Committees form an important part of the internal responsibility system and help ensure that work site parties are aware of their roles and responsibilities in the workplace.

The Committee also provides support for the three basic rights that all workers have in protecting their health and safety: the Right to Know about hazards in the workplace, the Right to Participate in the health and safety of the workplace, and the Right to Refuse dangerous or unsafe work.

All Grasslands employees are jointly responsible for their own safety and are required to:


Hand Hygiene

Daily Screening


Physical Distancing

Classroom Barrier Shields

Emergency PPE Tubs

Parents, Visitors and Service Providers Entering the School

Shared Use of Equipment and Student Supplies

Responding to Illness

Confirmed Case of COVD-19

Reporting & Responding to High Rates of Absenteeism or Outbreaks

Student Transportation

Alberta Health COVID-19 Vaccinations In Schools

This year Alberta Health Services (AHS) will be providing the opportunity for students and staff to get a COVID vaccine while at school. 

This new in-school vaccination program is similar to the regular school immunization operated by AHS for tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella and varicella vaccines. Vaccination clinics will be available in schools some time between September 7 and October 15 for eligible students in Grades 7-12, who have signed parent/guardian consent.

The choice to get a vaccine is an individual one. Schools do not require or maintain vaccination records nor will students or staff be asked for proof of immunization to attend school. 

Student Learning Contingency Plans

In the event that there is a resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic that impacts the education system, the following two contingencies have been determined by Alberta Education. 

Scenario 1: In-school classes with enhanced health measures 

Alberta Education and Alberta Health Services may mandate enhanced or increased health measures which the Grasslands School Division would be required to follow.

We will continue to rely on guidance from the Alberta Government, Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, and local public health officials regarding provincial and regional health measures based on local context. We will continue to work closely with Alberta Health and we will adjust recommendations when advised to do so by Alberta Health. We remain committed to communicating when health measures are adjusted.

Scenario 2: At-home learning (in-school classes are cancelled)

Grasslands will offer at-home learning opportunities to children and students based on the provincial or regional context.

Supporting Growth in Student Learning

Under Contingency Scenario 2, school authorities can, as deemed appropriate at the local level, for Grades 1 to 9 reduce time spent teaching non-core subjects to allow for additional instruction time on core (English, Français, French Language Arts, Math, Social, and Science).

Program Guidelines

At this time, regular school programming is allowed. Until September 27th, 2021, certain programs and activities may operate under enhanced health protocols. 

Physical Education/Music/Drama/Dance

Work Experience, Green Certificate, & Off Campus

Field Trips and Extracurricular Clubs

Sports and Team Events

General Infection Prevention Measures

Participants should be encouraged to bring their own equipment for any activity (shared equipment should be cleaned and sanitized at an increased frequency and between each use). 

Food Sharing in Schools

Outside User Groups


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Appendix B

Appendix C

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